(The Eco Writer)

Hi! I’m Edidiong and welcome to my little space.

If you’ve read any piece from the blog, or newsletter, I’m the one behind it all. It’s nice to meet you too!

So who am I and why The Eco Writer?

Well, I’m an Environmental Toxicologist who loves to preach, sing and scream about the environment, how it impacts human health, and the need to protect it. I thought of ways I could pass my message, and the idea of creating this site came to mind.

On this site, I share environmental and health knowledge through blogs, books, and research articles, to educate you and help you follow the science.

So yeah, that’s my little story. It’s not so fancy.

The Eco Writer is where I talk/write about everything environment. The Eco Writer is me.

I hope you enjoy everything on this space as much as I enjoy giving you the best on everything environment. You can contact me if you have any question, comment or even suggestion, and be sure to sign up to my newsletter.

Stay safe,


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