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Gifting is a common thing for Christmas so how about some eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas? Let’s not have that regular “open gift, put the wrapper in the trash” scene on Christmas morning this year. Let’s do the green wrapping.

For your green wrapping this green Christmas, I’ll be giving you 6 eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas you could use as alternatives to your regular gift wrapper. Shall we?


If you’re one of those people that happen to store newspapers, well now is a great time to bring them out.

Wrapping your Christmas gifts in old newspapers are great eco-friendly move this season. Instead of using your regular store-bought wrapper, dig out these old newspapers from their hiding and re-use them.

Stacks of newspapers which can be an eco-friendly gift wrapping ides
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You know those cardboard boxes that your products or other stuff come in? You can use them too. If your gift is one that needs a box, take out these boxes and re-use them. Re-using these boxes instead of getting new ones will prevent them from being thrown out as trash, where they’ll end up in landfills.

Man lying in brown cardboard boxes which can be a good eco-friendly gift wrapper.
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If you don’t have these boxes, you could get them from your local stores or friends who may want to throw them out. By doing this, you save the boxes, the planet, and yourself some cash.


Those bags from your shopping can also serve as a good eco-friendly wrapping idea. It may be the brown ones or the colored ones.

If you have them, all you need to do is take out the handles and open up the bottom and there you have yourself a good wrapper. With your newfound wrapper, put your gift in and secure it with tape.

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Instead of throwing out your old clothes and fabrics, you can do amazing things with them like turning them to wrappers for Christmas. If you have one or two old clothes and fabrics, put them to use this season. Wrap your gifts the Furoshiki way!


If you have old wrappers from last year’s gifts or maybe you got a wrapped gift sometime this year and you’ve been keeping the wrapper for one reason or another, you can re-use them to wrap your gifts this season.

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Every year, we get new calendars to replace that of the old year. If you happen to have old calendars lying around in your home from previous years, they can be great eco-friendly wrapping alternatives this season.

All you need to do is take them out, put your gift in and secure it using tape. Really easy.

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With these eco-friendly wrapping ideas, you can give gifts to your friends and family while doing little harm to the planet. So now you have them, let’s get on wrapping!

Here’s to a green Christmas!

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