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Eco-friendly New Year’s Resolution
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Well well well, look how far we’ve come. We’re just days away from the New Year! The year may have been good for some of us and tough for others but at last, here we are. So, congratulations everyone!!!

Some of us will be saying “out with the old, in with the new,” trying to kick off some habits that aren’t eco-friendly. If you’re one of those saying this, I’ll be giving you 10 eco-friendly New Year’s resolution for the New Year.

Buying Less

This has to be the first on my list because we literally can’t do without buying. Whether we need it or not, all we do is buy. We’re all guilty of this. So here’s what we’re going to do in the New Year. We’re playing pretend. That’s right. When you see a thing that screams “buy me,” you’re going to pretend you didn’t hear or see it. That’s it.

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Before you buy anything ask yourself if you really need it, if you can improvise or substitute for a version you already have. Buying less will not only help the environment but save you money. So let’s save money and the environment this New Year.

Less Plastic, More Reusable

You should already know by now that plastic is causing serious damage to the environment. If you don’t already know, well now you know. There’s a really loud call to beat plastic pollution and you can answer that call this New Year as part of your eco-friendly New Year’s resolution.

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How can you use less plastic?

For a start, there are lots of reusables out there from cutlery to straw to bags. Get yourself one. When going shopping, bring your own bag. Go with your own alternatives to plastic.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

We’re at that stage of Climate Emergency so reducing your carbon footprint is another great eco-friendly New Year’s resolution. Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases you emit for every activity. You can start by shopping locally, less transportation, reducing your food waste, and even the basic thing like turning off your light when you’re not using it.

Sustainable Fashion

From carbon dioxide emission to generation of waste, fast fashion is literally killing the planet. Saying no to fast fashion can also be one of your eco-friendly New Year’s resolution. Re-think what you wear, thrift more, buy from eco-friendly and sustainable brands, even the smallest thing as repeating your clothes to avoid buying new ones will go a long way.

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I love me some DIYs! You know some of the things you buy, you can make them yourself. So join me and let’s hop on the DIY trend this New Year.

Do you want body and face scrubs, moisturizer, deodorant, cleaning agents, soap…whatever it is you want just bring out your phones, tablets, ipads, laptops or what have you let’s get some amazing recipes on YouTube!

Less Meat, More Plant

It’s no news that meat production is contributing a greater percentage to the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, ranging from methane to carbon dioxide. Reducing your meat intake or switching to a more plant-based diet is another great eco-friendly New Year’s resolution. Remember I said we’re at the stage of Climate Emergency.

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Cutting down your meat intake and adopting more plant-based diet will work to cut down greenhouse gas emissions. This is also a great way for you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is removing the carbon you emitted from the atmosphere. The offsetting is done by supporting projects that work to remove carbon from the atmosphere. The thing with carbon offsetting is that it doesn’t give you the license to pollute. No. You don’t offset and continue polluting the environment. You offset your emission while working to reduce at the same time. They go together.

Planting Trees

Trees are one word…AMAZING. What can’t they do? Do you want food, do you want to protect the soil, sequester carbon, beautify your environment, provide habitat for wildlife…whatever it is you want, trees are your goto!

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You know the fun thing about planting trees is that you don’t have to physically do it. There are lots of ways to plant trees now for the environment. You can sign up with an organization that plants trees or you can even plant while surfing the web, thanks to Ecosia.


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No To Food Waste

Saying no to food waste is you diverting your food from landfills where they end up releasing methane which is a greenhouse gas. So you see, even the smallest thing as you saying no to wasting food helps. You’re reducing methane emission.

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How can you reduce food waste?

By planning your meals, cooking little, proper storage, composting your food scraps for a start. They look like minor stuff but trust me, it goes a long way.

Being Part Of An Environmental Organization

Let me say, I saved the best for last. There are lot of environmental organizations out there you can join. There’s Greenpeace, 4Ocean, WWF, Friends of the Earth and may more. Even being part of a group that advocates for the environment is great. Sign up with one and go do amazing stuff for the environment this New Year. It could be clean-up activities, organizing fundraisers, writing articles, anything at all.

So, here you have it. 10 eco-friendly New Year’s resolution. Pick your choice and let’s roll!

Let me know which you’ve picked and how it’s going so far.

Here’s to protecting the environment this New Year!

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