Gift wrapped in brow paper which is an eco-friendly wrapper
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Eco-friendly wrapper. What happens next?

We’re few days away from Christmas. Best believe we’ve all got our gifts wrapped up the eco-friendly way since it’s a Green Christmas. With all that eco-friendly packaging used to wrap our gifts, the question now is what happens to these wrapping paper alternatives we’ve used? When you open up your gifts, what do you do with them?

In our quest to reduce our waste and achieve zero-waste, we’ve switched from our unsustainable habits to a more sustainable one, we’ve adopted more eco-friendly practices. We shouldn’t let all that work and effort be in vain.

What do I mean?

For Christmas, we’ve used all sorts of things – calendars, newspapers, old fabrics, cartons, bags, books and many more to wrap our gifts, all to avoid buying new wrapping papers to reduce waste. These wrappers were automatically destined to get to the bin because the regular thing is “open gift, put wrapper in the bin.” It’s what we’ve normalized. But since we’re doing zero-waste, we hopped on the eco-friendly wrapping trend.

Gift wrapped in a brow paper which is eco-friendly
Photo by Alizee Marchand from Pexels

Lots of us will receive gifts wrapped up the eco-friendly way. So, when you open up your gifts, don’t go the default “open gift, put wrapper in the bin.” We’re unnormalizing that. We’re saying bye to the bin. What we’re doing now is keeping the wrapper. Whatever thing was used to wrap your gifts, when you open them up, keep that wrapper. Don’t go to the bin.

But why should I keep them?

You see the main reason for hopping on the eco-friendly wrapping trend is to reduce waste. So when you open your gift which was initially wrapped the eco-friendly way and you throw out that eco-friendly wrapper, then the whole eco-friendly wrapping thing was a waste of time. We played ourselves. The waste isn’t reduced, instead more waste is generated and we all know where they’re going to. Landfills!

Photo by Lucie Liz from Pexels

By keeping these wrappers, you’re doing the initial plan which is to reduce waste. When you keep these things, you reuse them. Reusing stuff is really important when it comes to zero-waste. You can use them to wrap up stuff in the future. Let’s not play ourselves.

So, here’s what we’re going to do.

– When you open your gifts, open them carefully so you don’t go ripping or tearing the eco-friendly alternative wrapper because when you do, it’ll no longer be useful which means it’ll go to the bin and then mission failed.


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– When you’ve successfully opened up your gift in a neat manner, fold the eco-friendly wrapper and store them. Yes, we’re now going to hoard our wrappers.

– Reuse these wrappers in the future to wrap up gifts, presents and other stuff. We’re going to pass them around. When you receive gifts wrapped up this way, store the wrapper and keep the cycle going.

So yeah, who’s ready to keep their wrappers out of the landfill? Here’s to a happy Green Christmas!

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