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Most people think it isn’t important to care for the environment. Some think you have to be a pro in the environmental field to care. Others simply don’t know how to.

I’ve heard lots of people say “nature will take care of itself.” Yes it will. But what happens when it’s been pushed to the breaking point? The point where it can no longer take care of itself. The point where it can no longer provide for us. It’s quite unfortunate that we are getting to this stage, and at a very fast pace.

The environment and humans are connected to each other. We depend on the environment for our survival. We are part of the environment. We are the environment.

Here’s why you should care.

The environment is your home:

Would you like to live in a place covered with all kinds of waste and lots of garbage? Not so cool right? The environment is your home and you should take care of it. The same way you clean your house and room is the same way you should clean and care for the environment. Channel that same energy!


One important resource for our survival is oxygen. Oxygen is required for respiration, and the environment provides us with this oxygen. Being able to breathe is one thing, and being able to breathe in clean air is another.
Currently, the atmosphere is being threatened by us through pollution. Harmful and toxic gases are being released daily into the atmosphere from our activities. We are literally cutting our oxygen, and we need to take care of the environment if we want to keep breathing in clean air.


Water! Another important resource we can’t live without. We need water every day for various purposes. Our global water reserves are facing lots of threat. All sorts of waste are thrown into the oceans, streams, rivers, lakes and other water sources daily. These waste release toxins which pollute the water, making it unfit for use.
Have you ever been so thirsty, and there’s no water around you? You know how that felt right? Now imagine feeling that way for the rest of your life, because if we continue at this pace, we will have no clean water left.


The environment provides our food. The fishes we eat are found in water. Crops are grown on land, and other agricultural activities which provides our food are also carried out on land. In some parts of the World, climate change is already affecting food production. We need to take care of the environment to ensure a continuous supply of food and food products.


A clean and healthy environment is important for our health. Air pollution, for example, has been linked to several cases of asthma and other respiratory problems. With water pollution comes all sorts of water-borne diseases like Cholera. Caring for the environment is important for good health.

Raw materials:

All the raw materials we need to make useful products are found in the environment. Our woods are gotten from the forest. Human actions like deforestation, is now threatening the forest. Taking care of it will ensure continuous supply of these materials.


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The variety of life forms on Earth is facing serious threat. Currently, deforestation has contributed to loss of some plant and animal species, some of which are important for our survival. Our biodiversity must be preserved!

For future generations:

Here, the concept of sustainable development is used. Sustainable development is “the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (Brundtland Commission.)
By caring for the environment, we protect it and all its resources. This will allow future generations to be able to use these resources to meet their own needs.


There has to be a balance in everything. Nature creates a balance between all ecosystems. Any slight change in this system shifts the scale to the negative side. You need to take care of the environment to maintain this balance.

It is your duty:

The environment has given us so much, and we are charged with the responsibility of caring for it. As inhabitants, this is our duty.

We need to all work together to protect the environment. Remember, we cannot live without the environment!

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