Trees. What’s so important about them? Why should you plant trees? Why? Why?? Why??

Deforestation! The act of felling trees without replacement. Sadly this act is now a common practice that will cost us so much if we don’t stop.

Here’s why you should plant trees today.

Cleaning the atmosphere:

We release harmful and toxic gases into the atmosphere daily. Guess what helps in removing some of these harmful gases? Yuppp you guessed right. Trees!

Trees help to rid the atmosphere of harmful gases like carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas. In this time of climate emergency, planting trees will go a long way to help fight climate change.


We need trees to breathe. How? Photosynthesis! Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis. This oxygen is what we need for respiration. Air pollution is one of the major problems which is affecting our air quality. Planting trees will help provide our oxygen.


The forest is the home for millions of plants and animal specie. With the current rate of deforestation, the variety of life forms on Earth are now threatened. We need to preserve our biodiversity and planting trees is one way to go about this.

Habitat for wildlife:

Imagine living peacefully in your home and all of a sudden everything is destroyed. Tragic right? That’s what these animals face.

The forest is the home for wildlife. Trees are fell daily to make room for construction and other purposes. Through this, millions of animals are left homeless and some are killed in the process. We need to plant trees to provide habitat for our wildlife. This will also help preserve our biodiversity.


To name a few…apple, orange, mango…I mean, these are fruits we love eating on a regular. They provide the vitamins we need. Planting fruit trees for example, will give you free access to your favourite fruits all year, and at the same time help the environment. It’s a win win.

Raw materials:

Materials like wood, rubber, gum, even some of our drugs are gotten from trees. These raw materials are required to make some of the products we use daily. Planting trees will ensure a continuous supply of these raw materials.

Clean water:

Trees have deep roots and with the help of their roots, they purify our ground water to an extent. The roots act as a filter, which removes harmful pollutants from water.

Protects the soil:

Trees serve as a protective cover for the soil. In areas that are prone to erosion and flooding, planting trees will help reduce erosion, runoff and flooding.


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We’re all a sucker for pretty things. Do you want to beautify your environment? Say no more! Trees got you covered. Planting trees will help beautify our environment. It’s that simple!

For future generations:

The key thing here is sustainable development – “development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. ” (Brundtland Commission)
We need to start thinking about the future generations. If we keep cutting trees without replacing, how then will the future generations meet some of their needs?

So yeah, now you know why trees are so important, what are you waiting for? Go plant a tree today!

Go green before the green goes!

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